Summer Shoe Haul

by Ellie Katherine Grace

Oh hi!

Apologies for the lack of posts the past month – I’ve been super busy at work and then went to Barcelona, so I have neglected my blog a little bit…but I am back, and I seem to have acquired a fair few new pairs of summery shoes recently, so I thought I’d share them with you so you can appreciate their prettiness like I do!

1. Birkenstock Relax Sandals 

Those of you that know me will know that I have a HUGE obsession with Birkenstocks.  I have two pairs of single strap Birks that I wore for the entire summer last year, but I was desperate for a double strap pair for this year.  My Mum saw this pair while she was out, and picked them up for me – they are perfect!  Super comfortable, they go with anything and will last through numerous summer holidays.

Buy here:

2. ASOS Say You Don’t Heels


Aren’t these just the best shoes ever?! I already had a pair of these from ASOS in a fluoro pink colour, which I absolutely adore, so when I saw the silver/multi version on the website I HAD to get them!  These shoes make everyone happy, they brighten up a plain outfit and are just totally fun.  Although I do get some funny looks on the tube sometimes.  Here are both pairs:

The silver pair actually feel slightly wider at the end than the pink ones, which makes them feel waay more comfortable!

Get pom-tastic here:

3. Zara Lace-Up Block Heeled Sandal

So those of you that follow me on Instagram have probably seen these already, I bought them about a month ago when my lace-up shoe obsession was in full force (it’s calmed down a bit now, nobody panic), but I just wanted to show them to you because they are so fab.  The sandals have a zip at the back, so you don’t have to fiddle around with the laces if you don’t want to, and look amazing with jeans or dresses alike.  I wore these in the evening while I was in Barcelona, they’re great if you want a slightly smarter shoe without a huge heel.  Love!

Get them here: – N.B these sandals sold out twice while I was trying to order them online, and I think may be sold out currently, booooo.  They have restocked a few times already however, so keep an eye out!

4. ASOS Here and Now Heeled Sandals

Stop. It.

These are probably my favourite of the lot! These are really new in on the ASOS website, and as soon as I saw them I fell completely in love! They have a tortoiseshell, patent look with a big chunky heel.  Big and chunky being the operative words, I accidentally hit my toe with the heel whilst putting these on, and THE PAIN…they are reaaaaally heavy!  But I am prepared to ignore this because they look so amazing on, I haven’t worn them out yet but I’ve been parading around the house because I just don’t want to take them off.  Ever.  They come in a navy colourway too, so I might just have to invest…..

Get them here:

5. ASOS Fliss Two-Part Jelly Flatforms


Lastly, continuing the mild obsession with inappropriately bright shoes, come these sandals.  These were SO cheap, and I just thought they would be fun for the summer months.  When they arrived and I tried them on, I was amazed.  They are some of the COMFIEST shoes I have ever worn!  I’ve had pairs of jelly sandals before, and despite looking comfortable, actually I’ve found they’ve rubbed my feet and overall have not been great – these are the complete opposite! They are so soft and squishy, my Mum tried my pair on and immediately made me order her a pair in black, which she hasn’t taken off since.  I can’t wait to start wearing these more often as it gets warmer, they’ll make my commute to work a lot easier!!

Buy them here:

Thanks for reading!

Ellie x