70’s Revival

by Ellie Katherine Grace



SO I have had the busiest week ever this week with my Mum’s wedding, as has my sister Verity, so we decided to collaborate on this week’s blog post!

Verity writes for her University magazine, and was asked to create a piece on the HUGE 70’s trend everywhere right now.  Luckily, I am massively into this old-school revival, and recently bought a bell-bottomed/flared jumpsuit in a diamond print that I’d been meaning to write about for a while – how convenient eh!

I LOVE this trend for spring.  It’s so fun, and perfectly suited to the warmer and hopefully drier weather (flares dragging in puddles = watermarks up to your thighs and the addition of approx 3 stone in weight).

IF the weather hasn’t quite warmed up enough to wear this jumpsuit on its own, you could pop on a cream or another neutral coloured turtleneck underneath, and tie the pussybow over the top – just for added 70’s-ness!

We styled Verity’s hair into big loose waves to add to the look (very Farrah Fawcett)  (………..kind of)

Flared trousers/jeans can give the illusion of longer legs, and are great to draw attention away from other areas you may want to hide.  This works as the larger bottoms of the trousers create a new focal point.

Et voilà!  A perfect 70’s look for Spring.

Ellie x

Flared Jumpsuit: ASOS, £38.00

Hat: H&M

Platforms: Verity’s own.