Delilah, Becca, and Real Techniques

by Ellie Katherine Grace

Hi guys!

So I thought for my first post on my new blog site I would do a mini haul/review of some of the products I’ve picked up recently – some are not in the above photo, but I will link them throughout.

So, to start… 


delilah is one of my hands-down FAVOURITE new beauty brands.  A statement from their website (visit here) says: “delilah was born out of friendship, a passion for cosmetics, and the desire to help women of all ages to look and feel beautiful.” – how fab is that!  They are a British company, and have referenced British history through the stunning packaging for their capsule collection.

I have a few delilah products now, if you visit my Instagram page you’ll see I’ve posted some pictures of different bits, but today I want to mention the item I’ve snapped in the photo above, the Under Wear – Future Resist Foundation Primer.  This primer is just everything.  It has a serum formula, which feels beautifully light and refreshing when you apply it to your face.  It glides on super smoothly, and sinks into your skin without leaving a nasty greasy residue, like some other primers I’ve used.  My skin always feels so soft and smooth after using this primer, it definitely feels like you are feeding and nourishing your skin, instead of drying it out by piling on lots of product!  My foundation applies perfectly after using this primer, and lasts all day – something that is very important to me as I have skin that is on the oily side.

Overall: An amazing, lightweight primer, great for all skin types and everyday use.

Get Under Wear – Future Resist Foundation Primer here:


Becca cosmetics is another of my recent obsessions.  They are an Australian brand, and their mantra revolves around perfecting the skin, creating a natural and beautiful look (picture fresh and gorgeous beachy skin).  Again, I have a little collection of Becca products now, as each one I try I fall in love with, resulting in me grabbing more! (I have no willpower at all.) I began my passionate affair with Becca after using the Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème a few months ago, which was REVOLUTIONARY for me and my never-ending hunt for the perfect foundation, as it ticked so many of my boxes.

This foundation does not move.  Like at all.  In my opinion, it lasts as well as the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation, but somehow feels a little bit lighter.  All you need for an entire face of full coverage foundation is one pump, which is fab in terms of getting your money’s worth – but make sure you move fast when applying, as this foundation sets very quickly, so you need to blend pretty speedily to avoid any mishaps.  If you have very dry skin, I would be cautious with this foundation, as it can occasionally grab at any dry patches on the face, but for anyone looking for a long-wearing, full coverage matte foundation (this foundation is not dewy by any stretch of the imagination), I would highly recommend the Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème.

Get Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème here:

I’ve also just got my hands on the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal, a powder version of their bestselling liquid Skin Perfector, and the Becca Brow/Liner Brush 105, both of which I haven’t had a chance to use yet, but I will update you as soon as I have!

Real Techniques: Bold Metals Collection

Last, but by no means least, Sam and Nic Chapman are back with an absolutely stunning range of make-up brushes, the Bold Metals Collection.  I have used Real Techniques brushes for years now, I think they are such great quality brushes for an amazing price, you can’t really go wrong!

The new collection of brushes are their “most premium collection” as quoted from the Real Techniques website, and they certainly look and feel that way.  While I haven’t had a chance to use all of the brushes yet, I have played around with a few, and they really are another level of amazing – the flat contour brush is to DIE for – so I can’t wait to use the rest of the brushes!  One I have used already due to sheer over-excitement is the 101 triangle foundation brush, which has a totally unique triangular shape, meaning you can access every awkward part of your face, including around the eye and nose area.  I found the triangle foundation brush pushed my foundation into my skin very firmly, leaving me with an almost imperceptible layer of makeup on my skin, but with all the benefits that a foundation provides.  This brush is definitely a winner!

I will review all the brushes in a separate post very soon.

Get the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection here:!/bold-metals-collection

So that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed reading my first post on my new site, and I’ll speak to you guys soon!

Love, Ellie x